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On January 19, 2000 we sent out a notice about the WRIGHTSLAW FREE BOOKS OFFER. Our objective was to get WRIGHTSLAW: SPECIAL EDUCATION LAW into local retail bookstores. 

Many of you responded immediately, but ran into problems getting your bookstore to order the book. On January 28, we sent out a notice extending the deadline to March 20. 

Many people have received their copies of WRIGHTSLAW SPECIAL EDUCATION LAW from their local bookstore. Dozens of envelopes and receipts addressed to WRIGHTSLAW PROMOTIONS are arriving at Harbor House Law Press every day. 

But some of you are still having problems . . .


Here is a sample of emails received yesterday:

"Help! I ordered 5 copies of WRIGHTSLAW SPECIAL EDUCATION LAW (for me and my colleagues) from my local chain bookstore a month ago. I called several times but can't get an answer about why the books have not come in. I am afraid we will miss the deadline of March 20th for the free book offer." (Cheryl, Parent Information Center)

"I need help. A month ago I ordered two copies of WRIGHTSLAW SPECIAL EDUCATION LAW from my local chain bookstore. I just received a card from them saying that the book is out of print. Can you help me? I'm having so many problems getting what my son needs from the school system. Time is running out." (Barb)

"Help! I am having as much luck with my local bookstore getting WRIGHTSLAW SPECIAL EDUCATION LAW as I had getting help for our son in the public school system. I ordered your book from my local bookstore six weeks ago." (Hopeful in Houston, TX)


Before announcing the FREE BOOKS OFFER, Harbor House Law Press shipped out hundreds of books to Ingram. When we learned about the problems people were having ordering the book, we contacted Ingram. The Ingram rep said to tell you to ask your bookstore BACK ORDER the book. 

When you followed this advice and asked your bookstore to BACK ORDER the book, many bookstores refused. Why? 

We were perplexed.

When we investigated, we learned that there was a huge logjam in Ingrams' system. While people were being told by their bookstores that the book was unavailable, out of print, or non-existent, hundreds of books sat on a loading dock at Ingrams -- for weeks!

Pete, Debra and Pam spent hours on the phone talking to bookstore owners. We learned that most ordering problems are caused by these issues: 

(1) the logjam at Ingram meant bookstores didn't know they could get the book; 
(2) the bookstores were afraid to BACK ORDER an unknown book from the wholesaler;
(3) the bookstores were afraid you wouldn't purchase the book from them, even if they BACK ORDERED, so they would be stuck with an unknown book.


WRIGHTSLAW: SPECIAL EDUCATION LAW is now stocked by the following wholesalers and distribution centers: 


*INGRAM (whose records are current as of today) * 




For those of you who got discouraged, and for those who want to jump in and participate in the FREE BOOK OFFER now, you'll be happy to learn that --



To increase your odds of success, we encourage you to visit your bookstore in person and pre-pay or make a deposit. When you make a personal visit to the store and put down a deposit on the book, this shows the bookstore that you will purchase the book from them.

If the bookstore has a deposit, they should be willing to order, or BACK ORDER the book, if necessary. Most of the people who received their books right away did this, were first in line, and now have their free books.


Purchase WRIGHTSLAW: SPECIAL EDUCATION LAW (ISBN: 1-892320-03-7; $29.95) from a retail over-the-counter bookstore between January 19, 2000 and April 14, 2000.

If you purchase one copy of WRIGHTSLAW: SPECIAL EDUCATION LAW from your local retail over the counter bookstore between January 19, 2000 and April 14, 2000 AND fulfill the conditions listed below, we will send you a FREE copy of WRIGHTSLAW: SPECIAL EDUCATION LAW and a FREE copy of WRIGHTSLAW: TACTICS & STRATEGY MANUAL (VALUE: $49.90).

For your cost of $29.95, you will have two copies of the law book and one copy of the Tactics & Strategy Manual ($29.95 + $29.95 + $19.95) a value of $79.85 (and a savings of $50.00)

WRIGHTSLAW: SPECIAL EDUCATION LAW is a wonderful gift for a friend, family member, neighbor, or special educator, or you can keep one book at home, one at work, or . . .

We have received many wonderful letters and ideas from people who responded to the FREE BOOKS OFFER. If time permits, we will post some of your ideas on the Wrightslaw site soon!



Harbor House Law Press
P. O. Box 480
Hartfield, VA 23071

1. Your ORIGINAL SALES RECEIPT that includes the name of the book, purchase price, date of purchase, AND the name and location of the bookstore;


2. Your name, shipping address, telephone number, email address; 


3. what you plan to do with your second book.


1. This Offer is good until Friday, APRIL 14, 2000. The envelope that contains your sales receipt and shipping information must be postmarked NO LATER THAN Friday, APRIL 14, 2000.

2. This Offer is limited to purchases from over-the-counter retail bookstores. This Offer does NOT apply to books purchased directly from Harbor House Law Press, mail order, the Wrightslaw web site, or from online bookstores (i.e.,, B&, etc.) NOR to books purchased BEFORE January 19, 2000.

3. This Offer is limited to ONE per household.

* * HELP A FRIEND! * *

Please forward or distribute a copy of this FREE BOOKS OFFER to a friend.

You can get a "printer-friendly" copy of this announcement at

If you run into a problem with timely receipt of WRIGHTSLAW: SPECIAL EDUCATION LAW from your local bookstore, need help, or have questions, please send us a detailed email about your problem, and put "FREE BOOKS" in the subject line.


For information about WRIGHTSLAW: SPECIAL EDUCATION LAW, check the Wrightslaw Publications page at



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