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February 12 , 2008

ISSN: 1538-3202

Issue: 422
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In This Issue:

Design the Blog
Cast Your Vote

#1. Fresh Colors, Stylish Design

#2. Simple, Warm and Friendly

#3. Classic Design, Easy to Read

#4. Colors & More Colors

#5. Great Looking Power Red

Jason McElway's Basketball Story: An Unlikely Hero?

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You asked! We listened! Here comes the Wrightslaw Blog.

We've had repeated requests to start a blog for special education news and views - so this year Wrightslaw will enter the blogosphere.

Our mission has always been to provide accurate, up-to-date information about special education law and advocacy. The Wrightslaw blog will be a great way to share information, news, and for you to share your views.

Since you've shown so much interest in this project, we want you to be part of it.

In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate, we ask for your help in selecting a design for the blog. Scroll down to view the designs and learn how to cast your vote.

At the end of this newsletter, you'll find a special story. We think you'll enjoy it as much as we did.

Many thanks for your help!
Pam & Pete Wright

P.S. Stop by and say Hey! to Pete at the South Carolina Conference. Pete will be in Columbia on February 27. If you aren't in the area, look for a Training Program in your area.

Can't travel? Check out the new Wrightslaw WebEx Training Programs - recorded on CD-ROMs for your personal use or parent or staff training.

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Help Us Choose - Cast Your Vote for the Best Blog Design!

The Blog: We are looking for a design that is friendly and welcoming; a design is easy to follow, will stimulate interest, and encourage people to read on.

Your Vote

1. Type the NUMBER of your favorite title in the Subject line of your email - nothing more or less.

2. Send your vote to blog@wrightslaw.com by Friday, February 15, 2008.

The Winning Design

Will your choice be the design that wins?

You'll be the first to know. We'll announce the winning design in The Special Ed Advocate newsletter.

We will alert all newsletter subscribers which design won, when the blog will be published, and we'll let you know how to register to post your news, views, and comments.

So, please, help us choose. Email your vote today!

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#1. Fresh Colors, Stylish Design

This design features fresh bold colors and navigation bars on each side.

Blog design number 1

click here for larger image

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#2. Simple, Warm and Friendly

We like this classic design - it's warm and friendly. Look closely at the header. Doesn't it look like the pattern in a tie?

blog design number 2

click here for larger image

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#3. Classic Traditional Design

This design is classic and traditional. Does it have enough color to be interesting?

blog design number 3

click here for larger image

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#4. Colors and More Colors

You won't fall asleep with this design. Are the colors too dark? What do you think about two narrow columns on the right?

blog design number 4

click here for larger image

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#5. Great-looking Power Red

Many people like red - it's a power color. What do you think of the design, with two columns on the right? Good design? Too cluttered?

See why we need your help?

blog design number 5

click here for larger image

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Jason McElway's Basketball Story: An Unlikely Hero?

On these cold, dreary February days, we all need a story that will warm our hearts.

Meet Jason McElway, a high school student with autism. Jason is also the manager of his high school basketball team.

Jason lives for basketball. He loves basketball.

But Jason never wore the uniform and never played the game he loved. One day, everything changed. No one who saw Jason that day will ever forget it.

Warning: This video will make you want to stand up, clap, yell, and cheer.


Don’t miss it

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