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The Special Ed Advocate Newsletter

Failing Grades, 504 Plans v. IEPs, Free Boot Camp

Date: Nov. 14, 2005
Issue: 328
ISSN: 1538-3202

In this Issue

1. Does Child Have to Fail Before School Can Evaluate for Special Ed?

2. Who is Eligible for Protections Under Section 504 - but Not Under IDEA?

3. Join Pete and Pam for a FREE Bootcamp in OKC (Dec 2-3)

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Does a child have to fail before the school can evaluate for special education services?

How are 504 Plans different from IEPs? Who is eligible for protections under Section 504, but not under IDEA?

In this issue of The Special Ed Advocate, we look at Section 504 and IDEA, differences between the two laws, who is eligible under the two laws, and tell you about a FREE Boot Camp. Download this issue.

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1. Does a Child Have to Fail Before the School Can Evaluate? How are 504 Plans Different from IEPs?

"My daughter has a 504 plan. On her last progress report, she received two F's. When I asked that she receive more help, the principal said she has to fail on her report card before she can request testing."

"Bottom line: My child is failing. The school won't evaluate her and won't consider an IEP. What can I do?"

Is it true that a child has to fail before the school can evaluate? What are the differences between Section 504 Plans and IEPs? What strategies can a parent use to get a better program? How can you deal with school gatekeepers?

In Child with 504 Plan Is Failing, School Won't Evaluate or Consider an IEP, you learn about rights and responsibilities under Section 504 and IDEA. For a Wrightslaw Game Plan to get services while maintaining a healthy working relationship with school personnel, read Child with 504 Plan Is Failing, School Won't Evaluate or Consider an IEP.

Learn more advocacy strategies.

2. Who is Eligible for Protections Under Section 504 - But Not Under IDEA?

"Who is protected under Section 504, but not under IDEA? A student with AIDS? A student with ADD? A student with chronic asthma?"

What do you think? For our answer, read Who is Eligible for Protections Under Section 504 - But Not Under IDEA?

Learn more about Section 504 and protection from discrimination.

3. FREE Wrightslaw Special Ed Law & Advocacy Boot Camp in Oklahoma City on Dec 2-3, 2005

Please join Pete and Pam Wright on December 2-3 for a Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy Boot Camp. This program is sponsored by The Oklahoma Disability Law Center -- and this program is FREE for parents, family members, and individuals who work with children with disabilities.

Registrants will receive two books: Wrightslaw: IDEA 2004 and the new 2nd edition of Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy - The Special Education Survival Guide (value: $35.) Registration form

What you don't know about IDEA 2004 CAN hurt you! You will learn about changes in IDEA 2004. You will also also learn how to:

* Use tests and measurements to measure educational progress
* Write SMART IEPs
* Use tactics and strategies for effective advocacy

Learn more about the Free Boot Camp in Oklahoma City.

To learn when we are coming to your area, please check the Schedule.

Conferences are being booked for 2006 and 2007. To learn how you can bring a Wrightslaw program to your community, please visit Seminars and Training. Program Descriptions

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