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Dyslexia : Theory & Practice of Remedial Instruction is a well-written guide to remedial reading programs. The book begins with a brief but well-written description of dyslexia and a discussion of the basics of
various methods for dealing with it. Although not comprehensive, these sections of the book provide
a clear overview that will equip the reader well for reading more technical, jargon-filled publications
on the subject.

The most valuable part of the book is Part III: Reading Programs for Individuals with
Dyslexia. Here, there are descriptions of eleven different programs, from the most aggressively
Orton-Gillingham (e.g. Slingerland, Alphabetic Phonics) to whole-language (Reading Recovery).

The descriptions cover:

What the teacher does;
How the teacher is trained;
What research there is on the effectiveness of the methods.
This is an excellent book for the person who is starting to learn about dyslexia, and a good one to return to from time to time to put the fads and enthusiasms of the moment into perspective.

     Students new to the subject should also read Beginning to Read: Thinking and Learning About Print by Marilyn Jager Adams.



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