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Sample Letter to Document a Problem and Request That School Provide Therapy Services in the Child's IEP
by Pete & Pam Wright

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Parents: you can use this letter as a template. Change the facts and details to fit your situation. Our comments and suggestion are in blue.

[Insert Parent name, Address, Phone number]

Mary Spencer
500 Oak Street
Centerville, MN 55038
(899) 555-1234

[Insert date]

June 15, 2020

[Insert Name and Address of School Contact Person]

Dr. Peter Dunstan, Superintendent
Floyd County Schools(FCPS)
1000 Central Avenue
Middletown, MN

[Insert Child's Name, DOB, School]

Reference: Joseph Spencer
DOB: 01/01/2013
Middletown Elementary School

[Insert name of Contact Person]

Dear Dr. Dunstan,

[Introduce your child to reader. Assume the person who can solve your problem does not know your child.]

I am writing to request your help for my child, Joseph Spencer. Joey has autism spectrum disorder. He is/was in a self self-contained class at Middletown Elementary School. His IEP provides that he will receive speech language services, occupational therapy, and a one-on-one aide.

[Describe the present problem. For example ...]

For a full month after school closed, Joey received nothing. Then we began to receive packets of instructional materials from the school. I don't know who prepared these materials but they are not related to Joey's IEP goals, interests, or his grade level.

When school closed in early March, I requested an IEP meeting. It was a struggle just to schedule a virtual IEP meeting. During that meeting, Joey's teachers advised that it was impossible to deliver speech therapy, occupational therapy and one-on-one struction virtually so Joey would not receive these services. I believed the educators and accepted their statements.

Since that meeting, I learned that other school districts are using teletherapy to provide virtual speech therapy, occupational therapy, one-on-one tutoring, and other services to children with disabiities.

I learned that respected professional organizations, including the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), have issued statements and position papers that support schools' use of teletherapy services to provide related services to children with disabilities during the COVID-19 shutdown.
See "Telepractice Resources During COVID-19" at https://www.asha.org/About/Telepractice-Resources-During-COVID-19/ and
"Telepractice Information" at https://www.asha.org/Practice-Portal/Professional-Issues/Telepractice/

[Summarize the problem in a nutshell with your specific facts. For example . . .]

Before school closed, the school provided:

  • a 1:1 classroom aide who helped Joey learn grade level material
  • three 20 minute sessions with the speech language pathologist each week
  • two 25 minute sessions with the occupational therapy each week
After school closed in mid-March, the school provided:
  • packets of materials that are not related to Joey's IEP goals, needs, instructional level, interests, or grade
  • three 20 minute telephone discussions with his speech language pathologist in three months
  • two emails with "suggested activities: from his OT in three months
We are about the enter the fourth month since school closed due to COVID-19. Floyd County Schools has not attempted to implement any of the services in Joey's IEP.

I am disappointed that the teachers and therapists made so few efforts to reach out to us or offer to help. As the school closure contined, contacts with Joey's teacher and therapists became less frequent.

The school year is over. Most teachers have taken off for their "summer break" with no plan for my child's special education in the future.

I am requesting that Floyd County Schools provide the speech language therapy, occupational therapy and one-on-one instruction in Joey's IEP.

Since Floyd County Schools have not provided the services in Joey's IEP, I am requesting comprehensive assessments to determine his present levels of performance and to provide information about regression and his need for compensatory education services.

If the school therapists and evaluators are unavailable, I request that the district provide these services via teletherapy.

My child is struggling. I am worried about him and his future. We cannot rely on the school and have no more time to waste.

I look forward to your response to my requests. Thank you.


Mary Parent

Joey's mom

Wrightslaw Note: Send the letter as a PDF to the school district superintendant, with copies to the director of special education and school principal. Also, send physical copies of your letter by U.S. Mail to these same individuals.

Be sure to keep a copy for your records.

Created: 06/08/20
Revised: 00/00/00

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