Parent-School Relationship: TEACHER DOESN’T RESPOND TO EMAIL

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Janet:  High school teacher does not respond to my question via emails. Any IDEA laws regarding this?
Son has IEP.

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Your district may have a communication policy or protocol — check your website and check with your Board of Education clerk. For example, in my district, you’re supposed to wait three days and then move up the chain of command, e.g. teacher -> principal -> principal’s boss in administration -> superintendent -> Board of Education. I asked my state education office about this once and they suggested the same thing, actually, and that was before my district published its protocol. The last step is -> complain to state ed. If your 504 or IEP calls for home-school communication, you can treat it as a compliance issue.


Also, I have found some teachers hesitate to have their answers in print – if the teacher uses the phone to contact you, instead of answering your email, have the discussion, then follow up with an email that outlines YOUR understanding of the conversation. Ask the teacher to reply if his/her understanding of the conversation differs from yours. That way, you will have documentation of the conversation.