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"How to Mediate Your Dispute" 

by lawyer-mediator 

Peter Lovenheim. 

Table of Contents

1. What is mediation?

A.What Is Mediation? 
B.The Goals of Mediation 1.4 
C.What Types of Disputes Can Be Mediated? 1.5 
D.The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mediation 1.7 
E.Mediation Compared to Arbitration 1.10 
F.Other Methods of Dispute Resolution 1.13 
G.Role of the Mediator 1.16 
H.Who Are the Mediators? 1.17 
I.How Much Does Mediation Cost? 1.20 
J.How Do Cases Get to Mediation? 1.21 
K.How Many People Participate in the Mediation? 1.23 
L.The Role of Lawyers in Mediation 1.23 
M.Where Are Mediations Held? 1.24 
N.The Rules of Mediation 1.26 
O.How Long Does Mediation Take? 1.29 
P.An Overview of the Six Stages of Mediation 1.28 
2. Selecting disputes for mediation
A.Factors Favoring Mediation 2.4 
B.Factors Opposing Mediation 2.11 
C.The Question of Power Imbalance 2.18 
3. Where to take your dispute for mediation
A.Choosing a Mediator or Mediation Service 3.2 
B.The Various Types of Mediators and Mediation Services 3.11 
C.How to Locate a Good Mediator 3.27 
D.Common Types of Disputes and Where They Can Best Be Mediated 3.31 
4. Starting your mediation case
A.When Is a Case Ready for Mediation? 4.2 
B.When It Can Be Too Late to Mediate 4.5 
C.The Best Times to Start Mediation 4.6 
D.How to Propose Mediation 4.8 
E.Starting Your Case With a Mediator or Mediation Service 4.13 
F.Securing an Agreement to Mediate 4.18 
5. Selecting mediation services and mediators
A.Ten Questions to Ask a Mediation Service 5.2 
B.Methods of Selecting a Mediator 5.7 
C.More About Mediators 5.10 
D.Five Ways to Investigate Prospective Mediators 5.21 
6. Preparing for your mediation
A.Reviewing Mediation Rules and Other Forms 6.3 
B.Determining Your Goals for the Mediation 6.10 
C.Who Are You Trying to Persuade? 6.23 
D.Gathering Information to Bring to the Mediation 6.25 
E.The Pre-Mediation Memorandum 6.34 
F.Who Should Attend the Mediation 6.39 
G.Decisionmakers Must Attend 6.40 
H.Using a Lawyer in Mediation 6.49 
7. Inside the mediation session
A.The Six Stages of a Typical Mediation Session 7.3 
B.Before the Mediation Begins 7.4 
C.Stage One: The Mediatorís Opening Statement 7.9 
D.Stage Two: The Disputantsí Opening Statements 7.14 
E.Stage Three: Discussion 7.26 
F.Stage Four: The Caucus 7.32 
G.Stage Five: More Joint Negotiations 7.42 
H.Stage Six: Closure 7.46 
8. Writing an agreement that works
A.The Importance of Written Agreements 8.2 
B.Nine Guidelines for Writing an Effective Agreement 8.6 
C.Sample Agreements 8.15 
D.Make Your Agreement Legally Enforceable 8.21 
E.Providing for a Lawyerís or Other Adviserís Review 8.26 
F.Signing the Agreement 8.28 
9. If no agreement is reached: options available
A.Three Options Involving the Mediator 9.2 
B.Small Claims Court 9.7 
C.Arbitration 9.8 
D.Start a Lawsuit 9.18 
10. What to do if your mediation agreement doesnít work
A.If You Need to Change Your Agreement 10.2 
B.If the Other Party Reneges 10.7 
11. Divorce mediation
A.What Is Divorce Mediation? 11.3 
B.Advantages of a Mediated Divorce 11.7 
C.Issues Common to Court-Sponsored and Private Mediation 11.9 
D.Court-Sponsored Divorce Mediation 11.26 
E.Private Divorce Mediation 11.49 
12. Mediating business disputes
A.Selecting a Business Mediator 12.4 
B.Types of Business Disputes That Can Be Mediated 12.8 
C.Getting Your Case to the Table 12.15 
D.Preparing for Your Business Mediation 12.20 
E.Inside the Mediation Session 12.20 
F.Writing the Agreement 12.21 
G.Other Dispute Resolution Procedures for Business Cases 12.22 
13. Lawyers and legal research
A. Using Lawyers to Help You in Mediation 13.3 
B.Researching the Law 13.9 
Appendix A: Sample mediation rules
Appendix B: Standards of conduct for mediators 
Appendix C: National and regional mediation organizations and services
Appendix D: Statewide mediation offices
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