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William & Mary Law School

2019 Institute of Special Education Advocacy (ISEA)

Agenda l Faculty l Graduates l Slideshow

The 2019 Institute of Special Education Advocacy (ISEA) at William & Mary Law School, Williamsburg, VA, July 28 - August 2, 2019 provided training in special education advocacy for experienced advocates, law students, new attorneys, and attorneys who are new to special education law.

ISEA 2019 also provided an Advanced Advocacy track for returning alumni who wanted to receive the William and Mary Law School Certificate in Special Education Advocacy.

ISEA is a five-day training program hosted by the William & Mary School of Law and co-sponsored by the PELE Special Education Advocacy Clinic, and Wrightslaw.

*** ISEA 2020 scheduled for July 26 - July 31, 2020 ***
Applications will be considered on rolling basis bi-monthly, from October, 2019

ISEA Class of 2019

ISEA 2019 Graduates

Enlarge photo


Gretchen Adams, OH

Cate Axtman, PA

Angela Barker, NJ

Ashley Beckes, AK

Lorraine Bees, OH

Andrew Burnham, TN

Kristin Carpenter, VA

Pamela Cobb, OH

Stefanie Coe, OH

Kimberly Crawford, MI

Candace Diaz, CO

Karen Dongo, VA

Emma Dorantes, IL

Christy Frank, SC

Suzanne Galindo, CA

Becky George, AK

Amy Halpert, CT

Faith Hamilton, CT

Laura Hart, IL

Danielle Iman, PA

Carrie Kerr, IL

Diane Kirby, VA

Amy Lorton, FL

Susan Macintyer, NH

Cheryl Merritt, NC

Margie Mikulskis, MA

Maddy Milk, GA

Morgan Mix, IL

Lauren Morrison, FL

Bruce Moseley, TX

Pamela O'Brien, RI

William O'Donnell, CT

Susan Oosterhous, PA

Susan Ostrander, OH

Michael Pascale, NC

Colleen Pawling, AK

Wendy Pizer, VA

Tracie Potee, NC

Jeanne Rayphand, Mariana Islands

Judy Reilly, CT

Carolyn Rowlett, MO

Wendy See, SC

Mary Smith, FL

Lindsey Snider, MA

Chan Stroman, WI

Stphanie Tecza, PA

Laura Tillman, AK

Suzanne Vogel, NC

Mary Waghorne, CT

Heather Walton, AK

Lisa Williams, GA

Phyniques Williams, NC

ISEA 2019 - Slideshow


Wrightslaw Conference Page Archive: https://www.wrightslaw.com/speak/archive/19.07.va.wm.htm

What ISEA 2019 graduates are saying...

This training was beyond what I expected and was a tremendously rewarding experience.  It has given me the confidence to be a better advocate.

ISEA is a comprehensive, informative and practical seminar for attorneys and advocates.

This was one of the best educational experiences of my life. I gained the skills and confidence needed to further my advocacy for children with disabilities and established important professional contacts and friendships.

I don't think I've ever learned more in one week.

ISEA changed the way I think about case strategies in special education law, it’s not all about due process, it’s about resolving the issue at the lowest possible level so that children can receive the free and appropriate public education that they both deserve and have a legal right to.

From the novice to the experienced advocate, you will learn something you did not know and need to know.

As someone who was passionate about special education law but wary of attacking a new practice area, especially one where mentors are almost non-existent, this week was so informative.  I came away with all the skills I needed to start fighting for clients.  I made invaluable connections with fellow attendees.  Worth every penny.

Meet the ISEA 2019 Graduates l View the Slideshow

W&M Law School ISEA 2019

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Created: 08/31/18
Revised: 11/07/18

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