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William & Mary Law School

2018 Institute of Special Education Advocacy (ISEA)

Agenda l Faculty l Graduates l Slideshow

The 2018 Institute of Special Education Advocacy (ISEA) at William & Mary Law School, Williamsburg, VA, July 29 - August 3, 2018 provided training in special education advocacy for experienced advocates, law students, new attorneys, and attorneys who are new to special education law.

ISEA 2018 also provided an Advanced Advocacy track for returning alumni who wanted to receive the William and Mary Law School Certificate in Special Education Advocacy.

ISEA is a five-day training program hosted by the William & Mary School of Law and co-sponsored by the PELE Special Education Advocacy Clinic, and Wrightslaw.

*** ISEA 2019 scheduled for July 28 - August 2, 2019 ***
Applications will be considered on rolling basis bi-monthly, from February 1, 2019-June 30, 2019

ISEA Class of 2018

ISEA 2018 Graduates

Enlarge photo

Renee Albert, MA

Veronique Baker, IL

Rita Ashdale, NY

Crystal Barker, VA

Fredericka Bashir, NY

Rose Baumann, PA

Charles Becker, VT

Kelleigh Bland, NC

Yolanda Bosch, CA

Lisa Carelli-Lang, TX

Kari Coultis, KS

Carolina Curbelo, NJ

Debbie Dobbs, GA

Maggie Downham, NY

Cari Edwards, CA

Mark Esposito, MA

Donna Farland-Smith, OH

Lynn Feldman, NJ

Sandra Fields-Muncy, IN

Tim Flack, TN

Jessica Franey, CA

Patricia Freeze, TX

Terry Friedrichs, MN


Angal Furci, NY

Daryl Greenwood, FL

Andrea Hendershott, MA

Nina Hennessy-Tamburo, IL

Lorraine Hightower, CO

Stacey Howard, CA

Renee Jackwood, OH

Carly Johnson, CA

William Johnson, AL

Carole Kagan, IL

Alessa Keener, MD

Stephen Kim, CA

Christa Knaak, NY

James Lanik, NC

Lisa Lapinski, MA

Karen Linder, CT

Shannon McClain, VA

Ruth Ann McDougall, MA

Lynn McKay, VA

Patty McVay, RI

Heather Eckner, CO

Heidi Mizell, DE

Kerry Montgomery, MI


Tammy Mullon, FL

Cammie Naylor, VT

Karen Neal, MD

Karen Oosterhous, PA

Polly Panitz, VA

Teresa Parks, IL

Mariella Pechero, TN

Jill Pidcock, CO

Ray Nelson, VA

Daniel Posternock, NJ

Ellen Rosen, CA

Molly Russell, WV

Summer Saitz, MA

Nicole Schaper, TX

Angie Schreiber, KS

Germaine Seufert, CO

Diane Slonim, NY

Connie Sullivan, VA

Beverly Theil, OH

Robyn Traywick, OH

Alyssa Vanderzee, WA

Stacy Ward, NY

Tara Willey, CA

Carrie Wysocki, OH

ISEA 2018 - Slideshow


Meet the ISEA 2018 Graduates l View the Slideshow

William & Mary Institute of Special Education Law 2018 - It Takes an Army....

Wrightslaw Conference Page Archive: https://www.wrightslaw.com/speak/archive/18.07.va.wm.htm

What ISEA 2018 graduates are saying...

No matter what level of expertise you THINK you may have going into this program, you will leave it with the knowledge and real world information that moves you into the expert level of advocacy.

Whether you are experienced as an advocate or attorney, new in this field, or contemplating entering this field, attendance is a MUST. It is rigorous, no time is wasted, and unlike many CLE, CUE courses, there is not one presentation that is not eye-opening and worth your attention. The networking is such a help, as is getting to speak with their superb presenters who are open to questions.

This conference was superb with respect to written material sources and expertise of instructors. I am convinced that I am headed in the right direction professionally and have renewed enthusiasm for this field. Thank you.

An invaluable learning experience beyond comparison. A life changing experience. Passion, excellence, and knowledge unmatched by any other program.

Everything you want and need to know about Special Education Law.

Intense, invigorating, inspiring.

Life changing is an understatement. You will learn more than you could ever imagine and find a way to use the material regardless of whether you are an attorney, lay advocate, behavior analyst, or teacher.

The ISEA offers a comprehensive and in-depth review of special education advocacy provided by experts with "real life" experience in the field. I leave the Institute better prepared to advocate for students with disabilities and with a significant list of resource information and contacts to assist with the advocacy journey. The Institute was well worth my time.

Incredible week making new friends and learning a lot! Highly recommend this very touching and incredibly important professional development for any advocates, lawyers, parents, and (yes) educators! Thanks to Pete Wright and all that make this happen!

Attorneys and Advocates learn to represent your special education clients from experienced attorneys and advocates across the country and make lasting connections.

It takes a village and we must follow in the steps of giants in educational law this is it. It is not for the faint of heart demanding and well worth it. A life changer!

The institute gathers those with the ideal of making the world a better place through actions taken in the interest of advancing others' rights. I like the quote, "A rising tide lifts all boats."

Yes! The ability to have frank discussions about the law, how it works and is interpreted and who it serves with professionals who have been doing it for years is priceless. The network of professionals at ISEA, with such varied experience opened my eyes to things I didn't know I didn't know.

There were 25 sessions in 5 days and I didn't fall asleep once. That is unprecedented. Seriously, here's what I put on my Facebook page: "How I spent my summer vacation, with amazing and inspiring people who taught me so much!"


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Created: 08/31/18
Revised: 11/07/18

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