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William & Mary Law School

2015 Institute of Special Education Advocacy (ISEA)

Agenda l Faculty l Graduates l Slideshow

The 2015 Institute of Special Education Advocacy (ISEA) at William & Mary Law School, Williamsburg, VA, August 2 - August 7, 2015 provided training in special education advocacy for experienced advocates, law students, new attorneys, and attorneys who are new to special education law.

ISEA is a five-day training program hosted by the William & Mary School of Law and co-sponsored by the PELE Special Education Advocacy Clinic, Wrightslaw, and The Oklahoma Disability Law Center.

***ISEA 2016 scheduled for July 31 - August 5, 2016***
Applications will be considered on rolling basis bi-monthly, from February 1, 2016-June 30, 2016

ISEA Class of 2015

ISEA 2015 Graduates

Enlarge photo

Beatrice Adams, CT

Haeriberto Alberola, IL

Valerie Aprahamian, CA

Ruth Arberman, NY

Annie Baghadayan, OK

Anne Baldwin, SC

Jonathan Berger, NY

Rhonda Berry, CO

Lynn Bezue, VA

Roxanne Bradley, CO

M'Ral Broodie-Stewart, NY

Joi Brown, VA

Deborah Campbell, FL

Jane Carroll, SC

Josie Castillo, CA

Loretta Cochran, AK

Ashley Collier, NC

Sharon Coppedge-House, OK

Vanessa Correa, CA

Renee Croteau, NC

Kate Dodoo, OK

Michael Drops, OH

Denise Ennett, AR

Allison Ernst, CO

Stacey Eunnae, VA

Mike Flom, NJ

Steven Geskey, MI

Nancy Gill, MD

Megan Girbert, VA

Sheri Goldberg, NJ

Charles Haitz, NY

Michael Harper, PA

Heather Hawk, FL

Ellen Henning, IA

Laura Holman, OK

Melissa Kenney, VA

Beth Manes, NJ

Whitney Meade, AL

Christopher Moxley, NC

Michelle Peckham, MI

Holland Rainey, VA

Courtney Elizabeth Reed, AL

Lucas Rogers, CA

Jenness Roth, TN

Wanda Routier, WI

Matthew Scheflen, CA

Joanna Scocchi, RI

Erin Shedd, VA

Maria Silva, PA

Amy Smith, OK

Ronnetta Stanley, MD

Annette Stoner, IL

Stephanie Tecza, PA

Nicole Tuchnda, VA

Karen Tyson, HI

Victoria Wagnerman, NY

Lara Howley Walt, CT

Lori Wieder, OK

Jane Windsor, FL

ISEA 2015 - Slideshow


Meet the ISEA 2015 Graduates l View the Slideshow

Wrightslaw Conference Page Archive:

ISEA Alumni ReunionISEA Alumni Group

The ISEA Alumni Group has been established as a forum for networking and collaboration among advocates and attorneys who have successfully completed the Institute of Special Education Advocacy at the College of William and Mary School of Law.

Join the ISEA Alumni Group on Facebook or send an email to

Note to ISEA Grads: Save the date! The ISEA Reunion and Advanced Advocacy Institute is in Florida, February 12-14, 2016. Details will be posted on the ISEA Alumni Group Facebook page.

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Blogging LIVE from ISEA 2013 l Day 1    Day 2    Day 3     Day 4    Day 5

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Created: 09/01/15
Revised: 09/17/15

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