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William & Mary Law School

2012 Institute of Special Education Advocacy (ISEA)

Graduates l Slideshow l Agenda l Faculty

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The 2012 Institute of Special Education Advocacy (ISEA) at William & Mary Law School, Williamsburg, VA, July 22 - 27, 2012 provided training in special education advocacy for experienced advocates, law students, new attorneys, and attorneys who are new to special education law.

ISEA 2012 five-day training program is hosted by the William & Mary School of Law and co-sponsored by the PELE Special Education Advocacy Clinic, Wrightslaw, and The Oklahoma Disability Law Center.

***ISEA 2013 scheduled for July 28 - August 2, 2013***

ISEA Class of 2012

Enlarge photo


Carla Abild, AK

Karen Antone, NJ

Marilyn Bartlett, FL

William W. Bishop, CO

Pamela Braue, NJ

Susan Bruce, SC

Sue Christakos, MD

Mandy Cleveland, AK

Bronwyn Congdon, VA

Matthew Conner, OK

Danielle Dascher, NY

Jennie DunKley, MA

Kathy Duyer, MD

Mary S. Eaddy, SC

Evan Farrar, FL

Joe'L Farrar, OK

Cheryl Follett, MA

Joseph Glazer, NJ

Mary Gorczynski, NY

Cyndi Harter, TN

Bonnie Hathaway, VA

Sharon Hjerpe, CA

K. Michele Hunter, VA

Clarice Jackson, NE

Ashlee Jayne, OK

Maribel Kane, MA

Allison Kitchens, OK

Jessica Ashley Lane, VA

Michael Lyons, FL

Victoria Moore, VA

Mystie Mornis, CA

Amelia Murphree, MS

Jacqueline G. Murphy, MA

Joanne Joseph Murphy, MI

Margaret Musa-Granda, FL

Jennifer Nelson, CT

Kevin O'Donnell, CT

Amy Phalon, ME

Adam Ryals, OK

Vanessa Steltenpohl, VA

Sharon Tropf, VA

Shari Watson, CO

Suzanne Whitney, NH

Juanita V. Williams, VA

David C. Wright, MD

Sheng An Wu, CA

Emily E. Ziehmer, PA

ISEA 2012 - Slideshow

What ISEA 2012 graduates are saying...

Finally! ISEA is a ground-breaking, advanced resource for the entire SPED community. The Clinic defines the standards for collaborative special education advocacy -- Powerful -- Functional -- Child Focused.

This was a truly wonderful learning experience with amazing people presenting.

A transformative professional experience.

This institute is for anyone who wants to take their advocacy to the next level, learn from the experts, and build knowledge, resources and network of professionals. You and your clients will be happy you did!

Necessary training to prepare for the challenges and success of disability advocacy.

Your program changed my life. It will change my son's life and I hope to change the lives of many many other people in the future who find themselves challenged by school systems that just don't do the right thing.

A weeklong overview of special ed, parental involvement, and advocacy that is well worth one's time. An incredible experience with lots of relevant information presented in a fast paced manner by a variety of speakers.

Prepare to be inspired....

The ISEA is a can't miss experience for special education advocates and attorneys because it provides a unique opportunity to learn from the top experts in the field in a high level interactive environment dedicated to professional excellence.

I would highly recommend this program to others if they are looking to learn strategy from the best and to have their hearts rebuilt and their minds challenged.

How can you place value on this? I can't. My family looked at it as an investment in the life of our child and the children of friends who come to me for help. Added up, it makes a tidy sum. If that's what it takes to get the right thing for one child, it's a bargain.

William and Mary's Institute of Special Education Advocacy offered the most practical training opportunity any special educator / advocate could ask for. Every speaker individually tailored the curriculum based on their real life expertise and they provided relevant strategies we could use immediately in our daily practice.

This program taught me compassion, acceptance, integrity, humility, discipline, wisdom, and the knowledge to empower and educate parents.

"The thirst to know and understand, these are the goods in life's rich hand, the things more excellent" ~Sir William Watson. Don't let anyone tell you, you can't teach a dog new tricks. This old dog learned plenty.

ISEA was inspiring.

The week is a comprehensive learning experience with an articulate and engaged panel of advocates, parents, and attorneys.

This course of study clarified for me that I need to be a more active advocate. There are too many children who are being harmed by their lack of appropriate educational services! This is no less than criminal. Sometimes we lose sight of the harms being perpetrated every day. I can no longer stand by and this program has given me the skills to speak out on behalf of those children in need.

Definitely, a "must do" for all advocates and those interested in representing or supporting parents through the special education process. A professionally executed, well thought out, thorough training that is not available anywhere.

I feel like I finally got the scope and sequence of what I need to know and be able to do in order to be an advocate and to do advocacy.

This was not only a content-packed week, but a terrific opportunity to talk to experts and fellow advocates. Best conference I've ever attended!

Meet the ISEA 2012 Faculty l Topics and Agenda

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Blogging LIVE from ISEA 2013 l Day 1    Day 2    Day 3     Day 4    Day 5

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Created: 02/15/12
Revised: 03/22/13

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