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Wrightslaw Training Programs (5/5) Jan 11, 2008 Monica Mooring - Pathfinder Family... Minot ND
  I must say it is an excellent resource, had I not been aware of Special Education law and the various ways to effectively advocate, I could learn it from the training CD.
So very Helpful (5/5) Sep 7, 2008 Krysty Beaudrie Traverse City MI US
  When I really started digging into my children's IEP after the training I realized I was not fully understanding what my role was in it all. Now that I have read the books and listened to the CD-ROMS I know how to make my voice be heard. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
Wrightslaw Training Programs (5/5) Jan 11, 2008 Janie Bowman of BrightWord
  This is advocacy training at its best... as Pete and Pam share personal stories and background information to help you understand the law, and various tactics and strategies. They present with expertise and with passion, often sprinkled with humor. The information "sticks" with you.
This is an excellent Format! (5/5) Jul 25, 2013 Bright and Beautiful Learning Center Greenwood SC
  What Staff Members Said:

What part of this training session did you find most valuable?

"All of it really. It covered key facts that I will be able to use as an Advocate through both the Law sections and the Advocacy sections" - B. Bonetti - Director

"The discussion of how the law is organized along with how to quickly find the regulations within the law. I also found the acronym SMART IEP to be very beneficial and an easy way to structure writing a good IEP. I enjoyed the entire process from start to finish! Thank you for all the detail and thoughtful discussion." - E. Kinsella

"Regulations and definitions. The Bell Curve was especially helpful. It was a smooth process." - M. Parris

"Bell Curve to help me understand the test results" - D. Brown
Wrightslaw Training Programs (5/5) Jan 11, 2008 Brice Palmer - Advocate VT
  Thank you for taking the initiative to produce a workable, affordable training program.

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