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May 5, 2004

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Wrightslaw "Name that Video Contest" - Win a PDA

We are excited about progress on our next project, a video of the Stephen Jeffers v. School Board special education due process hearing. We need a snappy, descriptive title for this film so we decided to ask our subscribers for help.

The winner of the "Name that Video Contest" will receive a Palm or Sony PDA (Value: Up to $200), a copy of the video / DVD, and autographed copies of our three books. (Details below)


Hours of exciting direct examination, dramatic cross-examination, arguments between counsel, and objections to hearsay and leading questions ended up on the cutting room floor.

We now have a polished film - a two-hour video documentary of a special education due process hearing. Stephen Jeffers v. School Board takes you through a due process hearing, from initial preparation to testimony by the final witness.

The Virginia Legal Advocacy Center, V.A.V.S., Wrightslaw, and Harbor House Law Press joined forces to create this film.

The cast includes:

  • Darrel Tillar Mason, Esq. Former member of the Virginia Board of Education and hearing officer
  • Kathleen S. Mehfoud, Esq. Nationally known school board attorney
  • Peter W. D. Wright, Esq. Parent attorney

Learn more about the video, read a synopsis of the story, and see images from the film.

The filming and editing are completed. We need to make decisions about the title, format, design, and pricing. We are asking for your help with the title and format.


The video needs a title that will grab attention and tell people what the video is about. The title should stimulate interest and surface in online and library searches. See Contest Rules for instructions about how to propose a title. Background and synopsis of story.

Format: DVD or VHS

We need your input about preferences for a VHS video or a DVD. Although we plan to produce the film in both formats, we need information about your preferences before deciding how many of each format to produce.

Contest Rules

1. Type your proposed Video Title in the Subject line of your email - nothing more or less.

2. Send each Video Title by separate email. Note: two or more titles in one email will be discarded.

3. If you prefer the VHS video format, send your proposed Video Title to vhs@harborhouselaw.com

4. If you prefer the DVD format, send your proposed Video Title to dvd@harborhouselaw.com

5. The winner of the "Name that Video Contest" will receive your choice of a PalmOne Handheld or Sony Clie Color Handheld PDA (value: up to $200), a copy of the video / DVD, and autographed copies of our three books from Harbor House Law Press. The winner will be announced in The Special Ed Advocate newsletter.

6. In the event of identical titles, the first submission received by Harbor House Law Press will sin.

7. The "Name that Video Contest" ends at 9 am, Friday, May 7, 2004 (Eastern Time).

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