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Carolina:  Daughter has an IEP for SLD (Dyslexia). We just moved toTexas and the first call I received from the diagnostician was already bringing up red flags. She spoke about how KISD does not consider dyslexia a learning disability??? Then spoke about how they typically service dyslexia with a 504. Sounds like they want to remove IEP and go down to a 504 (which we had before obtaining IEP). Also said they needed consent to begin services even though her IEP from Florida is in compliance and I know at least in FL. we honor and begin services before the out of state transfer meeting. Any advice, advocacy contacts, or facts to arm myself with for my upcoming meeting would be greatly appreciated. Seems like they want to take federal law and make their own interpretation.

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Carolina, Wrightslaw is right on with all comments, including the 1st one. Part of our problem is that TX has a Dyslexia law requiring multisensory reading programs for these students. Some schools do this through special ed, some thru 504, & some through both. I work for the TX parent center. I encourage you to contact us. prntexas.org/ We have staff in all parts of TX. You can also contact me @ cnoe59@hotmail.com

Carolina, In a nutshell, special ed in Texas is a mess. A reporter for the Houston Chronicle found that the state dept of ed set an arbitrary target of 8.5% for # of children in special ed. This is illegal. Staff from the U.S. Dept of Ed have traveled to Texas and met with parents whose children were denied.

When a child with an IEP moves, the child is legally entitled to an IEP that is comparable to the one she had. Stick to your guns on that issue. Do not agree to a Sec 504 plan – her rights and protections are less.

Suggest you contact the Parent Information and Training Center first. Describe your situation and questions. You’ll find contact info here: http://www.parentcenterhub.org/find-your-center/