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Nancy:  What are the responsibilities of a health paraprofessional?

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Can a teacher to be asked to help the health para with toileting if the school provides training? This is in a High School with male student and a female teacher. Does a teacher a legal backing to refuse to do this?


Are instructional paraprofessionals expected to change diapers on older children, over 5 years +, or should that be done by a nurse or health room paraprofessional?

Jill G

Nancy –

In a school-wide setting, a health paraprofessional usually completes administrative duties in the health room (i.e manages paperwork, answers phones, etc.). He/she may also help the nurse complete screenings, maintain health room stock and equipment, and apply basic first aid.

When the paraprofessional works with specific students 1 to 1 or in a small group, he/she may do things like help with toileting , feeding, and other activities of daily living. If a student has adaptive equipment, like wheelchairs or orthotics, the health paraprofessional may also be involved with the use or maintenance of these. If a student has a chronic health issue like diabetes or allergies, the para may help make sure the student’s health plan is being followed (but not give medication).