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  • 1 Mindy 04/16/14 at 12:59 pm


    I just have a question. Can someone give me information about a 2511. One of my client’s is required by the judge to get one in place. My question is who is the person that does this and is it for behaviors?

  • 2 Erin 04/16/14 at 10:06 am


    We moved to a new school district this year, I brought in my sons testing showing he had a reading disorder at the beginning of the year. Nothing was done, finally pushed the issue, had a meeting yesterday, now they are saying they don’t have time to finish the testing in the 60 days they are legally required to do and want to finish it up next school year. Don’t they still have to finish it up in 60 days regardless?

  • 3 Beatrice 04/15/14 at 3:05 pm


    I just read on the wrights law page that an individual must be excused in writing. Rather than the principal appear, the director of special education wants to assume the LEA designee or the meeting will be cancelled.

    On another occasion they invited my son, I prepared for my son to be there, then their response to me is, Oh he’s at lunch. He won’t be coming. (Do I sign a paper in that instance?)

    We have an advocate come with us. Is the advocate considered my son’s replacement so papers are not signed?

    I’m very confused.

  • 4 Reece 04/15/14 at 2:57 pm


    Can the school refuse to allow a divorced parent to attend an IEP meeting for his child when there is a restraining order in place for the other parent? Parent being denied has joint legal custody.

  • 5 bonnie 04/15/14 at 11:30 am


    Help, I mentioned to the IEP coordinator that the tutor my daughter is going to said that she is dyslexic and has some focusing issues (ADD) not (ADHD). Nothing officially diagnosed by a medical doctor and so at the next IEP meeting this information was put in the IEP, without my consent. I thought by law if there was a diagnosis it had to done by a medical doctor/professional. I would like it removed, but want to make sure it is something they can’t put in as hearsay and is there a place in your WrightsLaw books that I can find this information?

  • 6 Christina 04/15/14 at 10:30 am


    Can any of you clarify how this process works? A 10 yo started seeing a new counselor, who sent ADHD paperwork to the school to be filled out. The counselor wanted Mom to bring it back to their next session. However, now the principal states that Mom cannot see the paperwork and the principal wants the counselor to call the school to speak with the principal.
    This child is already on an IEP and has services in place.

  • 7 LATA 04/14/14 at 5:18 am


    My daughter is slow in writing.Due to some medical reason.Due to which she is not able to complete her exam paper. Can she get some extra time for her papers only?

  • 8 Wrightslaw 04/14/14 at 3:17 am

    Sonya: Although the regulations do not require the school to provide copies of the IEP (only access) to the regular education teacher, there is nothing in the regulations that prevents the school from doing this. Most schools do not. Many cite “confidentiality” concerns. The burden often falls to the parent to ensure teachers have copies of their child’s IEP.

    From – Denying Access to IEPs for Regular Ed Teachers at

    Imagine the ramifications if teachers were not allowed to see IEPs and 504 plans because they were “confidential.” And why would the IEP or 504 team create a document that lists the services the school is legally required to provide — if the providers are not allowed to see the document?

    When IDEA added the emphasis on involvement and progress in the general curriculum, the role of regular education teachers became increasingly critical (together with special education and related services personnel) in implementing the program of FAPE described in the IEP for most children with disabilities.

    Does Your Child’s Teacher See the IEP? at

    Shouldn’t a Sub Have Access to IEPs? at

  • 9 Jenni 04/13/14 at 2:15 pm


    My daughter is homeschooled through a charter school. I want her academic goals in her IEP, and her RSP service hours removed from her IEP. If I refuse the service for RSP, will it remove the goals too? Thank you!

  • 10 Sonya 04/12/14 at 6:59 am


    Is the following statement true?

    Federal regulations do not require Districts to provide copies of IEPs to teachers so long as IEPs are accessible to teachers and other service providers.

    Accessibility of the child’s IEP to teachers and others. 34 C.F.R. 300.323(d)

    What is exactly meant by “The child’s IEP is accessible to each regular education teacher…?

    Should regular education teachers be given copies (hard copy or electronic) of special education students’ IEPs?

    Would telling the regular education teachers that they can review student files as needed or only see the students’ full IEPs with the case manager/special education teacher (because of the safeguard of sensitive information is a major concern for the district) satisfy the requirements of the law as it relates to accessibility?

  • 11 MACCCSLP 04/10/14 at 5:46 pm


    I am a SLP and a parent of an ESE child. I previously hired an attorney for a case with my child. I have been called into a due process hearing, my employer,as a SLP. The attorney representing the student was my child’s attorney. Is this a conflict of interest?

  • 12 Tiffany 04/10/14 at 11:58 am


    I feel as if my son’s re-evaluation could be inaccurate. He was placed in special ed 9 months ago & very recently began transitioning into the 4-K reg ed class.

    How long should a child be in a class before enough accurate data could be collected for Vineland II?

    *reg-ed teacher only reported in socialization and communication categories

    *special-ed class has an adaptive behavior composite score/reg-ed does not

    *however the low socialization score from the reg-ed class was used(IMO) to give a diagnosis and to bottom out the scores of the re-eval.

    Should the parents be re-interviewed if a re-eval is being preformed?

  • 13 Christine 04/09/14 at 2:29 pm


    Can my son’s middle school automatically call the police for any infraction, even if my child is on an IEP, has ADHD, anxiety, & LD? The Principal says he needs to learn how to respond more appropriately when picked on or humiliated (DUH!), and says he is not allowed to fight back. It seems like he is in a no win situation, and is being punished for his poor social judgment & poor emotional control. What punishment alternatives could I suggest to the Principal?

  • 14 s chiazza 04/09/14 at 9:50 am

    TO TAMMY (GRANDMA W/8 YEAR OLD)… please talk to your granddaughters pediatrician and get her on meds asap!! the Correct meds can make all the difference in the world to her self esteem… they start off on low dose untill you get to correct for her weight… and make sure you have the peds get her dx with her issues so she can be on an IEP or 504 at school… then they must help her with any special needs she has at school!!! God Bless!!!!

  • 15 marol 04/08/14 at 9:29 am


    How can a child be served first by a SAT Team, then a 504 and not be eligible for an IEP? There are regular trends in the grades and disinterest or lack of enthusiasm by the teachers.