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S. M S


My child is a 7th grader with a language based learning disability in Florida. we had the most challenging academic year and now the developmental research charter school is mentioned possible retention. the school and I met in January about modifying the current iep because it was not meeting their academic needs. I’ve done lots of research and meditations on this matter, and my conclusion has been not to retained my child because of the learning disability…I’m preparing to write letter to the appropriate individuals at the school. Any thoughts on the most affective position to not retain a child with a learning disability.



I work in a public school in Texas. One of our special education buses is at least 30 minutes late for school everyday. I have been complaining but nothing changes. Is this legal?



Can they school district make us leave the school and go into another SDC program while we go through due process. We want to repeat 5th grade. they school district make us leave the school and go into another SDC program while we go through due process. 6th grade is in another school and they informed us they will move her to another SDC program until due process is complete. Can they do this? Help?? We are in California.



Hi, I have an 8 year old son. We adopted him at age 4. He has a complicated history and a dx of PTSD due to Child Trauma. He has had an IEP since PreK. He repeated Kindergarten and just finished 1st grade. He has not progressed academically and is below grade level standards with accommodations. He has a high level of anxiety and sensory issues which lead to behaviors such as avoidance, non compliance, outbursts and fight or flight. These behaviors are obstacles to his learning. He is currently in a self contained classroom. 5 students, a spec Ed teacher and two paraprofessionals. I am very worried about his lack of progress. The teachers place all the blame on his behavior. He is not learning because he doesn’t want to learn. I have asked for an updated evaluation but it is not going well due to his inability or unwillingness to answer many of the questions. He learns at home, completes assignments at home. What happens to him if an evaluation for his IEP is discontinued for lack of his compliance? I am so stressed. He cannot continue going to school and not progressing. He is a smart boy. He knows way more than he can show on a test.



My daughter has an IEP placement at a non-public school, but she has recently been in and out of the hospital many times due to depression and anxiety. Her doctor and principal have recommended a residential facility, but OUSD only offered a day treatment center, which is inappropriate. We have already placed her in the residential facility, due to need. How can I get the district to agree with this placement?