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More About Evaluations…

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Can a parent request that the school use exactly the same tests when evaluating a student for his triennial IEP?  We want the same tests conducted to compare progress.

No, there is no requirement or regulation that a school use the same tests. If a parent requests this, it’s very unlikely that a school would comply.

New versions of the most commonly administered tests come out every few years. Some schools may continue to use old versions for a few years, others may toss the old versions when they upgrade.

To prepare a case and prove that a child has not made acceptable progress, we need “apples to apples” data. We get that data from a comprehensive evaluation by an expert in the private sector. That evaluator will have copies of all prior testing on the child and and will understand why we need that data.

If you disagree with the school’s evaluation and/or findings you can request another IEE.

Go back to the Independent Evaluator who conducted the previous assessment and  ask that the tests be repeated.  You will then be able to compare progress, stagnation, or regression.

If the GORT-4 was used previously (but has now been replaced by a newer version), ask the evaluator to use the GORT-4 anyway. Explain in the report that, even though it has been replaced with the GORT-5, the 4 was used deliberately to compare changes.

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6 Comments on "More About Evaluations…"


What can a parent do if they are not satisfied with a triennial evaluation and the child was declassified?


If a standardized test / evaluation wont provide meaningful information for a child with auditory processing issues, expressive and receptive language delay & cognitive impairment how to I request the district to perform a test to measure progress


Mary, I am a little unclear about your issue. If the parents got an evaluation from an evaluator in the private sector before the school evaluated, the information should be considered (just as any info from the parent is). Although by getting an independent evaluation before the school even evaluated student, they lost the ability to ask for reimbursement for the independent evaluation.

Keep in mind an outside evaluation does not trigger a school evaluation necessarily. However, it can certainly provide useful information.