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Parent Advocacy at its Best!

by Wrightslaw

Is your school meeting all the needs of students with disabilities? Reading? Math? Graduation Rate?
Is your principal held accountable for all special ed failures as well as successes?

If you have the answers to these questions, you will also need an effective way to demonstrate the answers. A picture (or graph) can be worth a thousand words.

While beliefs and perceptions may not be expressed openly, they have an enormous impact on relations between parents and school personnel, administrators, and school board members, and influence how decisions are made for children with disabilities.

Watch the video. You will find an effective way to get your message to the decision makers and change perceptions. Parent advocacy at its best!

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6 Comments on "Parent Advocacy at its Best!"


Wow! You have inspired me! I will be sharing this with my SEAC. Thanks!


Janet: Every school and school district is required to publicly report student performance on state and district assessments. Data also has to be reported by student category (several categories including minority, English as 2nd language, disabilities, poverty, etc)

You should be able to get this info from the school’s web site or the state department of education.


Thanks for sharing such a GREAT video that speaks to the hearts of parents of special education students!!