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IEP FAQs: When Do I Get a Copy of the IEP?

by Wrightslaw

How long should a school have to get me a copy of the revised IEP after my son’s IEP meeting?

You should get a copy of your child’s IEP right away. There is no reason for any delay. Write a short polite letter to request a copy.

If the school wants to send you a “clean” copy” later, thank them, but make it clear that you want a copy of the original IEP before you leave the meeting. Ask that they send you the “clean copy” when it’s available. When you get the clean copy, compare it to the original.

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177 Comments on "IEP FAQs: When Do I Get a Copy of the IEP?"


wow I thought I was denied rights. Gee. The law requires schools to allow you to look at your students educational record. As Pete explained we should ask for a list of all Educational Records and where they are kept. Also in same request permission to view those records. There is a time line the school is required to respond within. I’m not positive but think it is 40 days.


3.5 years and no copies. I cant even get a reply from the state of California – 3 calls per day for 3 days.


IEP/ARD meeting was Dec 13, 2012 and as of today 1/10.14 still no copy despite emailing calling the superintendent of school and special education. I even emailed the Texas Education with no happy response. Still waiting. UGH!